Classroom Battles “Call To Arms” Video Premiere

[Originally published on, August 2013]

Foodies and music lovers alike will appreciate this fresh-baked video from Classroom Battles, entitled “Call To Arms”, or alternately “How to induce both hunger and melancholy”.

The French-and-Irish band craft a sweetly poignant story about baking a cake to accompany the synth-infused track, which is the first single from the band’s debut EP ‘This Week’s Question’. Former Witness Protection Programme member Martin Clancy lends his indie-dance cred to the record, while frontman Tigrane Minassian, a graduate of Cannes Film School, narrates the drama. Any slices left for the rest of us?
Classroom Battles’ ‘This Week’s Question’ is due out in September followed by North American tour dates in October.