Client: YouTube / Google

Role: Learning Experience Designer (TVC)

The challenge: YouTube’s music partners (record labels, large publishers, artist management companies) are integral to the success of music content on YouTube – just as YouTube is an essential streaming and discovery hub for the world’s artists. However, from channel management to protecting their copyrighted works, these partners use YouTube much differently than other creators.

The solution: A new YouTube Certified course for music partners – specifically for artist channel managers. I planned, designed, wrote, and launched a new YouTube Certified course and exam to help these partners become savvier, higher-earning actors on YouTube.

By employing design principles, leveraging existing content, and collaborating with global subject matter experts and engineers across YouTube Music and Google, I built and launched the first course, including a live beta test of the curriculum in London with 150+ attendees from UMG, Sony, Merlin, and more. After the English launch, I oversaw the course’s localization in 25 additional languages.

The followup: During the research phase of the course, I helped identify and support the need for a second course to address the work of publishers and operational employees at record labels (as opposed to more creative staff). I then built a second course that focuses on music rights management.

YouTube Music Certification (2019, updated 2021)

YouTube Music Rights Management Certification (2020)

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